The world as we know it is full of symmetry.  There is symmetry on every distance scale and every time scale.   Most of the symmetry is circular.   History teaches us that.   Countries rise and fall.   Everyday life teaches us that too.  A husband being nagged about looking at the map will drive in a circle.  And whatever happens will happen again.   The underlying reasons for this are beyond our control or ability to understand.  Philosophers get famous for thinking of plausible explanations for the way things work.  But in the end we are faced with the reality that we are simply not meant to understand everything.

So we are given cues in nature.  The cycle of the sun rising and setting for when to sleep.  The cycle of the seasons for when to do work.   The cycle of activities set in motion by the nagging wife.

We have lived in the US through ups and downs in the Economy.  And Economists are always able to explain the science of why we had an up or down cycle with 100% accuracy– after the fact– and after they had a chance to change their models or prior statements.   Do you know that roughly 50% of economists predicted the last recession and roughly 50% predict any major economic event before it happens?  In other words, after studying complex mathematics and social systems and sometimes even getting a Noble Prize for their work, Economist predictions are as accurate as flipping a coin.  I hate to say it but the US probably should start flipping coins because its cheaper than hiring consulting economists–some of whom cannot even understand Turbotax– for example, Tim Geitner, Secretary of the US Treasury.

But in any case, we don’t need to flip a coin to understand that summer is coming and that means more work for us in air conditioning in Las Vegas.   This will be my last summer of work but I think its going to be a big bang.    I have noticed that President Obama has a lot of unspent stimulus money.   I have no doubt that Obama is planning on strategically injecting that money into the economy in preparation for the next election.  If you looked at the recent unemployment results, we are now at 8.3%.   Mark my words, Obama is very close to his objective — less than %7.8 unemployment.   Why 7.8?  So he can make a claim that things have gotten better.  If you recall, unemployment was 7.8% when Obama took office.

I expect this summer to be one the busiest in the last several years because of planned government stimulus.   While the money should be spent now, I have no doubt that is politically advantageous to spend money in away that creates the impression of an economy roaring back.   It seems unfair that our quality of life is affect by political ambitions and things will get better when it is good for those in power.   I don’t see how the economy will improve, but I have absolute confidence that Obama will artificially inflate the economy this summer to win an election.   An improved economy means work for air conditioning repair people and work companies making air conditioning equipment.   If things go right, I’ll retire this summer with one of the busiest summers ever.  All this because of my unwavering belief that Obama has the “fix” in to win the next election.  Also because I started my Las Vegas Air Conditioning website — and it seems to be popular.  I get more calls than I ever expected–which is none.  I wish I had gotten into the internet stuff years ago and mostly did it to find a retirement hobby and be able to converse with nephews and nieces.  (I’m even digging into Facebook, but they sure do invade your privacy.  I don’t know if Facebook is worse than the greedy banks that have sold your private information for years or if they are just more effective at information gathering.   I was surprised to find out that Microsoft is more respectful of my privacy than Facebook.)

But back to cycles–I don’t have faith that Obama is actually fixing the economy for the long term and will somehow reduce the severity of the up and down cycles that cause average Americans hardship.  Has Obama accomplished anything since he’s been in office that matters to the average person?  I know he’s been taking taking on more of a leadership role in the last few months, but he’s been a Jimmy Carter for the last two years.  I think we are for in one hell of a economic fall in 2013.   Even if Mitt Romney wins, I never really considered Romney that different from Obama.

Who know’s maybe I’ll have to learn Chinese because we may entering the Age of China again–again because of my belief in cycles in everything.   (If I remember correctly, somewhere around 3000 years ago, China was one of the leading countries on earth.)  I believe this as much as I believe a wife has 4 week nag and headache cycle.