Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

I found a little time on Christmas to write about my passion — air conditioning and heating.   I remember watching cartoons about the birth of christ in a barn on hay.  Even back then I thought about heating.   Perhaps because we lived in a cold area and had an old heater.  Our house was always cold in December and I associate cold with those Christmas movies for children.

Of course, during the summer, our house was too hot and we had not air conditioning.   I guess the nice way to think about it was we were having a low carbon footprint or being energy efficient.   The cynical side of me says the truth though that wealthy people use words like low carbon footprint  and make choices.  This is a choice that my family did not have.

But now I live in Las Vegas, I cannot really imagine how summers can be bearable on most days without some cooling.   There are good choices like sitting in the shade but some days are just too hot.  Especially if you have small children who get cranky.

I feel like I am helping people by fixing their AC or heating and they really appreciate it.   There are many aspects of heating and cooling that I think are fascinating and they are details people don’t think about.  But pretty much everything I learned in school is related to heating and air conditioning.   I don’t look like the Maytag man and I am certainly a lot busier than he was.   But I would like to share my thoughts about the details that make life in Las Vegas much more comfortable.   I would be thrilled if some kids out there grew up to be AC repairmen (I should say repair-people/repair-person etc and fumble around in the awkwardness of finding the right word that exists already, but I’m not from California–thank God!.  I do people mean boys or girls though.)


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